Volvo 850 btcc suspension

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The Volvo 850

Volvo finished 8th overall in the championship, beating only Nissan and Alfa Romeo. For the following season, rules changes regarding aerodynamic aids meant TWR was forced to go conservative, using a sedan body instead. Today, few remember the more successful sedans; if you hear "Volvo" and "BTCC" in the same sentence, it's got to be the Estate.

Volvo 850 T-5R AWD Swap - Rear Suspension N Stuff

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The Volvo 850R Is a Pre-Polestar Porsche-Tuned Racing Wagon

In its debut season the Estate achieved a best finish of fifth, while both Jan Lammers and Rickard Rydell recorded thirds in qualifying during the course of the season, with the team finishing the year in sixth place in the standings. A rearward weight distribution, meaning a lack of weight over the front wheels also inhibited the cars performance in slow corners, though after testing the car post-season, Tim Harvey praised the machines handling.

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The estate though remains one of the most iconic and talked about cars of the Super Touring era, and while its performances on track may have been forgotten, the car itself is in no danger of falling out of memory. For many, the idea of racing an estate car was laughable but for Volvo it would provide them with the level of media exposure they were looking for, both then, and now, for the fact that the is still discussed in articles like this, is testament to the machines marketability.

Road Cars of Touring Car Racing: Volvo 850 Estate

The first chassis then spent a period in Australia before returning to Sweden where it was rebuilt and restored to its original livery before being placed in storage. The continuing presence of Volvos in touring car racing is a testament to this, although it will probably be some time until we see the marque lining another estate car up on the grid, however good the road going model is. Facebook Twitter. A Racing Experiment Rybeck decided that the obvious place to re-launch Volvo as a motorsport brand was the BTCC, with long-term Volvo specialist Steffanson Automotive SAM being entrusted with the job of proving that the could be termed into a competitive prospect.


New low-cost touring car category set for introduction by the FIA in And while the US market only received the 4-speed automatic model, the 5-speed manual wagon came with a limited-slip differential. But even with the automatic, Car and Driver reports the Volvo R can go in 6.

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But apart from the ride, the Volvo R has quite a few luxury touches. Admittedly, the BTCC wagon only raced in the season, with rule changes forcing Volvo to race the sedan in and , DriveTribe reports.

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But the aerodynamic lessons learned helped the sedans finish 3 rd in and And while its racing-spec 2. All this in the only wagon out on the racetrack. Finding a Volvo R or T-5R wagon can be somewhat difficult. Though quite a few R owners have swapped in 5-speed manuals into their cars, Bring a Trailer reports.

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  • volvo 850 btcc suspension Volvo 850 btcc suspension
    volvo 850 btcc suspension Volvo 850 btcc suspension
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